WorldRemit Launches Online Money Transfer in Somaliland

World Remit, the leading online money transfer service, has launched Launched direct worldwide money transfer through Zaad Service in Somaliland. World Remit Customers all over the world will now be able to send money safely from the comfort of their own home to family and friends using Telesom’s Zaad service mobile banking.

This was revealed by the world Remit Country manager for Somaliland Ms Suad Yusuf Odowa during a press briefing at the city’s Mansoor hotel where she also informed that the amount sendable direct ranges from $1-$2,500.

According Ms Odowa the new direct online money transfer service direct to users of the Telesom Company operated Zaad mobile money Service shall be through the HomeSend platform which is operated by eServGlobal.

Earlier this month eServGlobal launch HomeSend remittance services to Telesom, the leading mobile network operator in Somaliland after the two companies entered into an agreement which in-turn facilitates World remit use of Zaad Service.

“Having entered into an agreement with eServGlobal which operates the HomeSend service we are able to connect our clients in the diaspora with their local remittances recipients who use the Zaad Service.

The World Remit country boss who informed that her company which is among world leaders in online money transfer said that all their clients especially in the UK, India, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Canada, Australia, France, Netherland, Greece, Germany and others in Asia and the Americas can start utilizing the direct money transfer services as from now.

She further informed that her company was motivated into entering this new venture after having realized that most recipients of remittances based in the rural areas waste a lot of precious time and funds as they travel to major towns to collect remittances.

Said she, ” our new direct money transfer service does not only enable the sender to transmit funds directly without visiting our offices it also allows recipients to receive money at home or at work”

“People looking after livestock or tilling their farms in the rural areas shall no longer need to travel to town to collect remittances so longer as they are registered Zaad Service users” added Ms Odowa.

While the condition for recipients is that they must be registered Zaad users in Somaliland those clients wishing to utilize the direct money transfer service must be World remit account holders, “This will facilitate their withdrawal of funds for transfer” says Ms Odowa.

While the HomeSend service is available in over 100 countries thus 100 different currencies in Use the world Remit and Zaad Service have made arrangements for the ease of conversion of these diverse currencies at the standing rates of the day of transfer.

About WorldRemit

WorldRemit is an award-winning online platform enabling migrants and expats to send remittances to family and friends in more than 100 receive countries using a variety of payment options including debit cards, credit cards and local payment methods.

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