Which African Countries Are Most Attractive for Investment?

In 2013 the ICA conducted a survey of Private Sector investors. This survey helped rank the ten African countries they considered to be the most attractive.

South Africa was consistently ranked the most attractive for investments. Kenya ranked second. The reasons are interesting.

Top 10 most attractive countries for investment

One survey respondent said South Africa’s “… established infrastructure and sound government policy framework …” was the driving factor. Most respondents said something similar.

Many respondents noted the importance of South Africa’s Renewable Energy Power Producers Procurement (REIPPP) programme, which is likely to attract investments in the coming years.

Another respondent said, “… Kenyas’ growing economy and emerging ICT sector – along with a low rate of criminality and corruption …” was very appealing.

Another respondent said “…the Kenyan government is very pragmatic when dealing with private sector investors – with a fit-for-purpose regulatory framework…”

GENERAL CONCLUSION: Private sector investors feel most comfortable in an established market.