UK Sets Terms for Deya Extradition [VIDEO]

The United Kingdom will extradite self-proclaimed miracle evangelist Gilbert Deya on the condition that he is held at either of the two Kenyan maximum prisons.

Bishop Gilbert Deya

The UK insists that Bishop Gilbert Deya be detained at either Kamiti or Nairobi West Prison. Photo/FILE

Britain also wants the government to give the assurances in a sworn affidavit before it begins the process of extraditing Bishop Deya who is wanted over child trafficking charges.

In a note sent to the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the UK wants Bishop Deya who has also been tried in London on charges of rape, to be remanded at the Kamiti Special Unit in Nairobi.

And should he be convicted, the UK insists that he be detained at either Kamiti or Nairobi West Prison.

Exhausted Appeal

“The British High Commission respectfully requests these assurances in the form of a sworn affidavit from the appropriate authority,” the note obtained by the Nation reads.

On Friday, the British High Commission said they were waiting for a response from the Kenyan Government in order to start the extradition case in London.

“We are now seeking further assurance from the Government of Kenya on the basis of that report, so that we can take this extradition case forward,” said the commission’s spokesman John Bradshaw.

He said the Bishop has exhausted all avenues of appeal against his extradition but the UK has specific demands based on treaties signed with 100 countries.

– Daily Nation