UK Home Office Hikes Up Fees For Visas and Naturalisation

The Home Office has announced its plans to increase fees for immigration and nationality services which will come into effect from 6th April.

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Immigration fees to increase beginning April 2014

Across the whole range of applications the increased average 4%  However fee increases for some categories are much higher than this.  Joint applications to naturalise as British citizens for example will rise by 12.9% to a cash amount of £1,652 (current fee £1,390).

The cost for adults who are entitled to register as UK citizens rises from £673 to £823 – a 10.4% hike.

The biggest increases fall on family members of migrants who are residing in a category which entitleds them to take employment.  To prove to employers that they have such an entitlement the family member is obliged to obtain an Immigration Employment Document (IED), and from 6 April will have to pay £601, up from the current £433, and increase of 38.8%

The unit cost to the Home Office of processing these applications is well below these amounts.  Naturalisation typically costs £144 to process, IEDs come in at £278.

The Ministers for Immigration, Mark Harper, explained to Parliament that the Home Office sets fees higher than the administrative cost to reflect their value to successful applicants.

He said that the official strategy of aiming to attract ‘the brightest and the best’ to the UK allowed for an element of cross subsidy tothe fee structure and the new annoucement saw several fee reductions.  Applications for acknowledged ‘shortage occupations’ in Tier 2 of the Points-Based Scheme for example, will fall by 13.6%.

To view the Minister’s statement and for the table showing fees as announced to Parliament, CLICK HERE.

– Migrants’ Rights Network