UK Could Be Europe’s ‘Largest’ Economy By 2030

The UK will be in a position to overtake Germany as Europe’s largest economy, according to the think tank the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR).

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The CEBR says that the UK’s “relatively low tax” would aid growth

The CEBR predicts that Germany will lose its current top spot in Europe by 2030.

It cites the UK’s population growth as an aid to economic acceleration.

The report echoes the recent confidence of other business groups such as the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

Earlier this month the BCC said that the UK economy will surpass its pre-recession peak in 2014.

In its annual World Economic League Table, where it ranks the ups and downs of global economies, and forecasts their future position, the CEBR said in addition that China will overtake the US in 2028, which is later than some analysts have suggested.

The UK will overall perform second best of all advanced economies, the CEBR said.

Yet, this performance will still lag behind growth in emerging countries such India and Brazil.

The CEBR in its report added that in addition to the UK’s population growth boosting economic expansion, that “lesser dependence on other European economies” would also aid progress, as well as “relatively low taxes by European standards.”

However, as far as Germany, the group said that should the euro “break up”, that “Germany’s outlook would be much better.”

As for France, The CEBR said it will be one of the “worst performing” of the Western economies, and will be overtaken by the UK by 2018. This is because of slow growth due to “high taxation” in addition to the general issues of eurozone economies.