Top 5 UK Immigration Good News for 2014

Here is a top 5 list of good UK immigration news announced for 2014 that we believe will make migration easy for many.

Immigration news are too often negative ones. Let’s instead cheer up with a fresh and positive look at what is on the 2014 UK immigration agenda that can make us hope the move of migrants to the UK is going to be easier tomorrow!

1. Welcome Bulgarians and Romanians!

Illustration from the Economist Article of Dec 2013 by Dave Simmons

Illustration from the Economist Article of Dec 2013 by Dave Simmons

First and foremost, we welcome and celebrate the removal of the barrier to work in the UK for Romanians and Bulgarians. On the 1st of January 2014, Bulgarians and Romanians will gain the same rights to work in the UK as other EU citizens #Yay

The temporary restrictions on the kind of jobs they could take before 2014 will be removed. Employers won’t need to apply for work permits and migrants will not need an “accession worker card” anymore. The low-skilled workers quota schemes in the agricultural and food processing sectors will be dropped. Bulgarians and Romanians will now be entitled to claim the same benefits and NHS care as other EU citizens.

The bureaucratic hassle is now over for Bulgarian and Romanians and the UK welfare state is now accessible to them similarly to other EU citizens. Let’s hope the integration on the UK job market and in Society will be made as easy and smooth!

2. More Visa options for talented people in Technology and Digital

The Home Office is determined to make of the UK the hotbed of entrepreneurs and latest digital technology businesses. As such, after several consultation with Tech businesses and leaders, it has agreed to open the exceptional talent route to individuals with exceptional talent in the Digital industry by granting Tech City, the government body representing tech, next April with the powers to grant such visa.

The famous roundabout of the tech cluster in East London at night

The famous roundabout of the tech cluster in East London at night

It completes an overall overall redesign of the UK immigration eco-system trying to attract to the best and brightest that will bring not just brain: but foster innovation, create jobs and adds wealth. Let’s hope this starts highlighting the contribution made all immigrants (highly skilled to low skilled) to the economy.

3. Internship visa options for International Students

International Students can now stay for a year internship in the UK

International Students can now stay for a year internship in the UK

Since October 2013, changes to the rules have made it easier for students to stay after their studies via a year internship. It is supposed to make it easy for international foreign students looking for work experience to switch to and boost their CV when back home. The result of this new visa route are yet to be known and 2014 should let us know if the route has become a popular avenue.

4. Easing of the application process of the UK Entrepreneur Visa

Main challenges of the Entrepreneur Visa application lies in the paperwork to submit. One tough – the proof of 50k or 200K investment from a recognised and respected institution or VCs – has been smoothed thanks to clarifications last October.

Until October 2013, entrepreneurs applying for the visa were likely to be refused such letter from VCs and banks. Both investment institution do no give money to individuals but to businesses. As such many application for the visa have been pending or refused on that criteria. But since the clarification of the rules about the investment grant letter and the posted online templates for banks, the application process should prove smoother and refusal rate should drop… Fingers crossed and let’s watch the release of quarterly UK immigration statistics in January.

5. UKBA definitely abolished and a new organisation of the Immigration Home Office Department.

UKBA will officially disappear and be replaced by 2 sections: UK Visas and Immigration & UK Immigration enforcement.

UKBA is divided in two new sections since April 2013

UKBA is divided in two new sections since April 2013

The UKBA has been accused for years of bad management. This re-organisation of the management of immigration by the Home Office means that the agency will no longer be doing antagonistic activities under one management. Instead, the Border Agency will now be made of two divided sections: one called Visas & Immigration will focus on the UK Visas system (welcoming of migrants and issuance of visas mainly). While the other will be assigned to tackling UK Immigration law enforcement. This should help a better and more efficient treatment of visa applications.

UKBA has announced the change last March, but this change will only be appearing next year officially. Already, the agency has started with survey to applicants to improve their services and more and more audits are being made with immigration experts to give reality check feedback to the policy makers.

And you, what do you hope for 2014 in UK immigration? What do you wish to see or what progress made this year are you happy about ?

– Originally published on Migreat blog by Josephine goube