The Truth About African Immigration: Where Do They Go?

Did you know that there are more Europeans in Africa, than Africans in Europe?

African diaspora

In South Africa only, there are 6+ millions europeans. France which is the biggest European country with African immigrants has 4.5 millions Africans (more than 70% are from North Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia).

In Zimbabwe only there are more than half a million British and other europeans, which is about 25% of the 2+ million African immigrants in UK coming in from 55 countries!

Also, did you know that there are more Arabs in Africa than in the Middle East. And, there are more Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in Africa than in UK and all Europeans countries combined.

Africans welcome all those people without ever committing a Genocide or racist crime on them. In contrary, most of those immigrants have very good positions and social status.

If Africa have to chase Europeans , Asians back home, like some are talking about Africans in Europe, those who will suffer the most are the Europeans.

Contrary to what you hear on BBC, CNN, RFI (the West propaganda medias) Africans are not desperate folks seeking prosperity in Europe.

Europe needs Africa more than Africa needs Europe

Now, what do you know about African migration?  Where do they come from, and what are their top destinations?

The world Bank estimates that Africa has about 30 million international migrants, but the size of its diaspora, including unrecorded migrants and second- and third-generation migrants, is significantly larger.

Regardless of the “poverty porn” of the western medias depicting Africa as a place of despair forcing its hungry and uneducated kids to  invade Europe, the reality is far from the truth. A recent data crunch by the awesome guys at clearly shows that not a single  African country is in the list of the world top emigration countries, But the vast majority of African migrants just go to another African country.

Though the recent years political crisis has made the country less attractive, Cote d’Ivoire still is the top destination in Africa followed by South Africa, Nigeria and Burkina-Faso. You can check below the data I’ve compiled from, with a complete list of African countries emigration data.

Here is the list of the world top 10 migrants destination, and the top 10 emigrants countries.


Top destination countries in Africa


Immigration-Cote-d-ivoire Immigration-South-AfricaImmigration-NigeriaImmigration-Burkina-Faso


African Emigrants Data (Where the citizens of the countries go)


Emigration-Algeria Emigration-Benin
Emigration-Burkina-Faso Emigration-Burundi Emigration-Chad Emigration-Cameroon
Emigration-Central-African-republic Emigration-Cape-Verde
Emigration-Congo Emigration-Congo-Democratic-Republic  Emigration-Cote-D-Ivoire Emigration-Egypt
Emigration-Eritrea Emigration-Equatorial-Guinea
Emigration-Ethiopia Emigration-Gabon
Emigration-Gambia Emigration-Djibouti
Emigration-Ghana Emigration-Guinea
Emigration-Guinea-Bissau Emigration-Kenya
Emigration-Liberia Emigration-Libya
Emigration-Madagascar Emigration-Mali
Emigration-Malawi Emigration-Mauritius
Emigration-Mauritania Emigration-Morocco
Emigration-Maayotte Emigration-Mozambique
Emigration-Niger Emigration-Nigeria
Emigration-Namibia Emigration-Sao-Tome-and-Principe
Emigration-Tunisia Emigration-Tanzania
Emigration-Rwanda Emigration-Senegal
Emigration-Seychelles Emigration-Sierra-Leone
Emigration-Somalia Emigration-South-Africa
Emigration-Sudan Emigration-Togo
Emigration-Uganda Emigration-Zimbabwe
– Silicon Africa