The Black Man Burden: How Can We Help Europeans Become Less Violent?

We are talking here about Africa future, but Africa has no future if it can’t escape from European violence!

European violence

European violence

It always surprises ordinary Europeans to learn that in many places in the world they are called “The Devil with Blue Eyes”, the “White Devil” or the “Jackal”, because of the extreme violence they have made these people suffer.

When Europeans travel to tropical countries, they see people smiling at them, greeting and treating them with extreme politeness and deference, nodding their head, and avoiding to look them into the eyes. Europeans often take these signs as related to their inherent superiority, but those behaviors are in fact a conditioned reflex coming from the cold fear left by their brutal ancestors in all the places they have been before them.

In fact, there is no single place on earth where europeans have been and brought peace and love to local people, or lived in peace with the local people. Wherever Europeans have gone on this earth they destroy, kill, murdered, enslaved, or put into place schemes to dehumanise and exploit the local people.

In America, they wiped out the Native Americans. In Australia, they wiped out the Aborigines. In, Africa they’ve killed millions, deported millions as slaves to America, and used forced labor during more than two centuries of colonisation to exploit the local people.

The history books records of their destructive behaviours is long, but the most important question for our common future on the earth is this  “has any large group of europeans anywhere on the planet ever lived integrated with another people (or themselves) without eventually warring on, attempting to massacre those other people and steal their hard earned wealth?” – Muai-Aakhu Meskheniten

They answer is unfortunately, No. And Africa is the place that have suffered the most fromEuropean violence.

Now, you must think this is the past. This is History, and nowadays Europeans have changed. No, not much have changed in fact.

During the last 50 years 21 African presidents were killed in office, and since 2008 altogether 13 presidents died in office in the world, 10 were African presidents. Since 1950, an outrageous number of 70 coups (link content in French) were carried in Africa, most of them sponsored by European colonial countries.

This is only about killing presidents, and I can go on to list all the modern day genocides, crimes and violent deeds of Europeans in Africa, however my main interest is to uncover why Europeans are like they are. (You can find my first writing on the generational nature of European violence here: The Scarcity Mentality: Why Europeans Are So Violent?)

My purpose with this post is to bring an awareness to the European violence problem and how we non-European could help them with new ways of thinking and non-violent ways of life, and non-scarcity based  view of the world.

What is the problem?
#. Scarcity mentality

Scarcity mentality is the fear that one would not have enough to survive in the future. It’s a mental condition that affects people from geographical zone where natural resources are limited, and the ability to secure these resources permanently is also limited.

If you take for example people living in tropical Africa, nature is abundant, food if freely available in nature. Like they say in Cameroon, You trow a grain on the ground, you come back  the next day to find food. When you need protein, you just go into the forest for game, where they are in abundance. People never have to worry about what to eat, and more importantly there is no reason why to worry about the future, because nature is abundant, and centuries of life in harmony with that nature built an absolute certainty into people mind that whatever ever happen future will provide for itself.

In contrary, if you are an inhabitant of a country like Finland or Holland, you can NOT rely on nature to provide. You have barely 6 month to work hard and diligently extract and store enough food for your family, for heating during the harsh winters. People have to prepare for the future. People have to save for rainy day. Resources are scarce, and unpredictable.

As results of this geographical conditioning over centuries, in the African environment, people developed an Abundance mentality. In the European environment, people developed a scarcity mentality. And these two very different kind of  mentality lead to two different kind of societies.

However, the biggest issue with scarcity mentality based people is their addiction to violence, deception, and malice.

#. Deep insecurity

The European deepest insecurity is the fear to lose their lifestyle and economic prestige if they won’t be able to continue looting or exploiting other nations.

You see, there is already a wide gap between the developed nations and the developing nations. Before the transatlantic slavery of Black people, Europe was like any other place in the world in term of wealth. As a matter of fact, in the 14th century, when the Mongols army arrived in Europe they were very disappointed, because the place was so poor. There was nothing worthy looting, so as usual they killed the local aristocracies, and return back home.

However, after 3 centuries of Black people slavery, Western Europe became 3 times richer than any other region in the world, and after 2 centuries of colonialism around the world, western Europe became 30 times wealthier than any other region of the world at the beginning of the 20th century.

The compounding result  is that nowadays western Europeans and their descendants owns close to 90% of the world wealth, while they make less than 15% of world population.

For less than 3,5% of the world population American owns 39% percent of world’s wealth, while Western Europe accounts for another 31% of global wealth with a total population less than 6% of the world population.

The big question is: Why Europeans still feel the need to use violence against other populations in the world?

Because of the scarcity mentality and the deep insecurity that goes with it. Europeans still are operating from the scarcity mentality, regardless of the wealth they have accumulated over the centuries. They still are insecure, and worried they could lose all that wealth and become poor again. They still think predation and looting of other nations is the only way to maintain their wealth.

#. Violence and predation

We all admire the Western Civilization, but do you know that for Americans or Europeans to continue enjoying their current lifestyle, their military forces have to invade, occupy, and loot foreign lands, kill or enslave millions of people. Most of ordinary Europeans and Americans don’t have any idea about that. They don’t know that!



The image above depicts what makes it possible for each American or European to enjoy the wealth and quality of life they have.

Nowadays, except the threat they represent to each other, there is no Nation in the world which is actively seeking to attack the europeans countries, but close to 70% of the world military budget is spent by western countries, which have built military bases all around the world to continue the world looting tactics.


If you are European reading this, please keep in mind that the poor of the world are not less hard workers or less intelligent than the Americans and the Europeans. Their development is either halted or constantly threatened and compromised by the western economical hitmen or military aggression.

As Samuel Huntington put it in The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order:
“The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion, but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.”

#. Supremacism 

The western elite that currently rules the world has 3 majors intellectuals influences: Machiavelli (How to rule over people with cynicism and deception), Hegel (using the Hegelian dialectic of history they consider the western civilization as the end of history) and Darwin (the Survival belongs to the fittest, therefore the white race should stay at the top and rule over other races).


Anyone who wants to understand the intellectual principles that are shaping our current world, should deeply understand the above 3 authors and their influence on the western elite.

Maya Angelou always advised the African-American elite to read The prince of Machiavelli, because she said, without a proper understanding of this book, you won’t understand the western elite. The Prince is their bedside book. it contains the main principle all imperialist applies: “If you want to control the people, separate the people and you can rule them. Divide them and you can conquer them.”

 The International caste system where the white people are on the top, and Black people are the bottom has been invented, and promoted trough various instruments.

You see, there is no record in history books of Black people killing white people in mass or engaging in their genocide or exploitation. But the White people has plenty of those deeds in their history records. If someone has to be trusted to be a better person it’s the black person.

Still, the Black person has been made into the Evil person all over the world, and where ever we go, we only face hate from people we have never hurt, people we have never insulted, and people we keep providing cheap labor and raw materials to in order for them to afford their lifestyle.

Knowing Europeans are very insecure and violent is one thing, but how could we help them get out this circle of violence they inflict on themselves and other nations, specially in Africa?
How can we help the Europeans with their violence instinct?
For many centuries, Europeans have sent anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers, scientists around the world to study other populations and make sense of their culture and nature.

My belief is that it’s time for non-europeans to start sending in mass their anthropologist to Europe, to study them from a different perspective and help them understand better themselves, and build for them the necessary collective awareness about the instincts they have inherited from their geographical location in the world.

This would be a starting point, and it’ll be our gift to Europe: the Black Man Burden to educate Europeans about the abundance mentality, which is the only way to save the world.

– SiliconAfrica