Tech Firm National Geographic Live-stream Wildebeest Migration

A technology firm has partnered with National Geographic to live-stream the ongoing wildebeest migration.



HerdTracker will this week conduct a live broadcast of the wildebeest migration from Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Park to Serengeti in Tanzania.

“The migration is one of nature’s greatest spectacles. The river crossings are the main reasons why thousands of travellers flock to the Maasai Mara every year. We want to show the world just why they need to witness it for themselves here in Kenya,” said Andre van Kets, creator of HerdTracker.

The firm is partnering with WildEarth’s SafariLIVE and the National Geographic to bring the first live Facebook wildebeest migration.

The move will give viewers around the world unprecedented access to some of the most exciting and rare animal behaviour.

The live broadcasts will run up to September 25 and will be hosted daily on HerdTracker’s Facebook page and WildEarth’s SafariLIVE YouTube channel between 4pm and 11pm.

“After the sun goes down we will use infrared lighting and thermal imaging for the very first time, so don’t miss out on a second of the action,” Mr Kets said.

The event will majorly be centered on the wildebeest crossing the crocodile-infested Mara River as well as the predatory action of lions hunting at night in parks. According to Mr Kets, the streaming will give travellers a sneak peek into the migration, allaying any fears that they may have while planning safaris.

He said that broadcasting the migration live will encourage more international travellers to make Kenya their chosen holiday destination and experience this natural phenomenon for themselves.

“The live streaming will give viewers an authentic African safari experience. It will give viewers a real time experience on the movement of the wildebeest across the Mara River,” said Graham Wallington, the CEO of WildEarth.

Sponsors of the project argue that the event will play a key role in promoting Kenya’s tourism.

“One of the scenes that is brought to mind when people think of Africa is the vast expanses of open land and a myriad of herbivorous species streaming across these great plains as they follow the torrential rains, always seeking out the best grazing areas. This is an absolute feast for predators which really get their claws stuck in after sunset.”

In October 2015, HerdTracker in partnership with Make It Kenya hosted #MaraLive — the world’s first live web broadcast of the great wildebeest migration.

– Business Daily