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Italy’s Berlusconi to Start Community Service Work Next Week

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said on Wednesday he would start doing community service with the elderly next week as part of a one-year tax fraud sentence. A court ruled earlier this month that Berlusconi, one of Italy’s richest men, must spend four hours a week in a Catholic old people’s home on the […]

The resignation of all five cabinet ministers from Berlusconi’s PdL party has sparked an outcry across Italy. For Prime Minister Enrico Letta it’s a new low in an already turbulent five months in office. Despair across Italy’s Sunday papers: Berlusconi’s latest move was “insanity,” writes La Stampa as does the business paper Il Sole 24 […]

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An encyclopaedia of Italian political slang has shone a light on a colourful and Byzantine world where lawmakers and journalists speak a language you won’t find in any ordinary dictionary. The confusing nature of Italian politics has come to the fore in recent months, with an electoral result in which the leading party won the lower house but not […]

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