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In Europe, Hosts Lend Their Couch for A Few Nights

The Schengen visa is perhaps the best as it allows one to travel to 28 European countries and easier access to a couple of other non-EU countries. This may explain why ‘Euro trip’ is a popular phrase among backpackers, adventurers and luxury travellers alike. If planned well, a trip around Europe could turn out to […]

Investment strategies are to be aligned with sustainable development and the needs of African countries. Denmark is one of the most generous nations on earth. Very few countries meet the United Nations target of giving 0.7% of gross national income in aid to the developing world. Denmark does. As part of a new focus on […]

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Britain is focusing more development assistance on trade to help developing countries move away from aid. The UK will improve trade deals between African countries and make it easier for businesses to sell their goods – by helping to reduce red tape and improving infrastructure. The new projects were announced by International Development Secretary Justine […]

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