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The End of Angst? Prosperous Germans in No Mood for Change

The Altmuehl is Germany’s slowest-flowing river and Hans Bittl, who lives along its banks in Eichstaett, sees this as a metaphor for the low-key success of his Bavarian town. “People in Eichstaett are very cautious and don’t go along with every new fashion or idea. They bide their time and see if it works,” says Bittl, chief clerk at […]

Germans lamented their unexpectedly poor showing at the Eurovision Song Contest, blaming Chancellor Angela Merkel’s tough stance in the euro zone crisis for their failure to win any points from 34 of the 39 countries voting. Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest won the event, watched by around 125 million people across Europe, with 281 points while German act […]

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