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Kenya At Risk Of Losing EU Market For Peas, Beans Due To Falling Standards

Peas and beans in pods (unshelled) from Kenya will continue to be subjected to strict sanitary and phytosanitary controls before entering the European market, following a rise in cases of contaminated produce last year. The European Union mission in Kenya confirmed that in the past month, interceptions were made of peas and beans exceeding the […]

Kericho farmers will start direct export of agricultural produce to the European Union after the governor struck a deal with a UK-based company. Sahara Communities Abroad (Sacoma) will buy coffee, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, bananas and sorghum from Kericho small-scale farmers. Sacoma CEO Perez Ochieng’ said there is a huge market in Europe as demand for […]

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Kenya has renewed its quest to have its meat products access the European Union market. Kenya’s meat products were blocked from the market after the country failed to create disease-free zones and meet hygiene conditions making it lose beef export quota of 400,000 tonnes per year. The quota was given to Botswana that has a […]

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