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London Gangs Using Children As Drug Mules

Couriers as young as 11 sent into countryside, police warn, as analysts blame social housing policy for spreading problem. Children as young as 11 are being used as mules to carry drugs on trains out of London by criminal gangs seeking to expand drug markets into the surrounding towns and countryside, leading officers from police forces in London and the south-east […]

There are 49 of them around the UK now, with members meeting to discuss the drug’s production, its medicinal use and legalization – and to get high. “I guess it’s like wine-tasting – but with cannabis,” says Orson Boon (not his real name), head of the London Cannabis Club. “People come to exchange samples, try new strains and have […]

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As the daily power cut struck Timbuktu, the town and surrounding desert were plunged into a sandy, grey darkness. Mohamed – a 31-year-old native of the town dressed in rich, deep blue cloth that engulfed his head in the traditional Tuareg style – seemed to shrink further into the shadows. He tipped ash into a […]

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