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Golden Dawn Moves Food Handout Following Police Ban

After Athens’ mayor says he would block Greeks-only food handout from taking place, police issue a a noon-to-midnight ban on ‘outdoor public gatherings and marches’ in the innercity area in question. Golden Dawn has announced its moving the location of a Greeks-only food and clothing handout after police declared a noon-to-midnight ban on “outdoor public […]

Italy’s first Black Cabinet minister is facing Internet death threats before a visit to a region known for its anti-immigrant political base. But Cecile Kyenge says she’s not afraid and challenged Italians to respond to such intimidation themselves to prove that Italy isn’t racist. Kyenge, a Congolese-born doctor who has lived in Italy since 1983, has been […]

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Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn is increasingly influential among members of the country’s political mainstream. Student Konstantinos Georgousis filmed party members on the streets of Athens. Warning: this video contains highly offensive and racist language Golden Dawn, the extreme right-wing party in Greece, won 18 seats in the country’s last election. Since then support for the […]

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