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Italy Is A ‘Slave of Jewish Bankers’

Andrea Zunino, a spokesman for Pitchfork, the movement behind a wave of anti-austerity protests across Italy last week, said the country is a “now a slave of the bankers, like Rothschild” and that “five of the world’s six richest people are Jews”. The farmer, from Biella in northern Italy, made the comments during an interview […]

Citizens earning more than $143,600 a year will have to pay for their own police protection from potential attacks. Wealthy Greeks fearing attacks by anarchist groups will no longer be entitled to free police bodyguards in the latest cost-cutting plan from a government trying to meet budget targets set by international creditors. The Public Order […]

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Greece’s shaky coalition government scraped through a vote on Wednesday on a bill to sack public sector workers as thousands chanting anti-austerity slogans protested outside parliament. The vote was the first major test for Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s two-party coalition since losing an ally over the abrupt shutdown of the state broadcaster last month, which […]

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