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VIDEO: What Nairobi Planners Could Learn From Amsterdam

A 10-minute film featuring the city of bikes, including cycling tips and an answer to the question ‘is there a method in the madness’. 

Dutch technology firm Royal Philips has announced the establishment of its first Africa research laboratory in Nairobi, highlighting Kenya’s growing status as the continent’s tech hub. The facility will be tasked with developing and deploying application-focused scientific and user studies that will aid in improving access to lighting, affordable healthcare, as well as creating new […]

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There was cannabis and champagne on the canals. There was the world’s biggest flea market for a day. Mobile music systems blasting out from bicycles. It all happened in a 17th century Golden Age church. But it was a secular, not a religious ceremony, solemn but not trying to confer mystique. Very Dutch. Very Amsterdam. […]

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