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10 Things America Does So Much Worse Than Europe

Bad healthcare. Limited vacation time. Lower life expectancy. “American exceptionalism” has never rung so hollow The term “American exceptionalism” is often tossed around by politicians. Neocons, far-right Christian fundamentalists and members of the Republican Party in particular seem to hate it when anyone dares to suggest that some aspects of European life are superior to […]

The US and UK’s new businesses in Kenya grew six-fold last year, pushing up total inflows in defiance of political jitters and terrorism threats. Some 22,136 new jobs were created through foreign investments. Inflows from the two giant economies accounted for almost half of the foreign direct investment (FDIs) into the local market last year […]

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“London or Minneapolis?” a soft female voice asks. It comes from a few tables behind me at Village Restaurant – a popular hangout for Somali diasporans in Mogadishu – as I finish a call to my friend. “Eastleigh,” I respond, trying not to disclose my London background. Eastleigh is a district in Nairobi, inhabited mainly […]

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