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Kenyan Police ‘Covered Up Killing Briton’

Alexander Monson was arrested in Kenya on suspicion of smoking cannabis. He later died in police custody and officers blamed it on the drugs. However pathologists found a brain clot and bruising on his arms and groin. A British peer whose son died from a blow to the head while in Kenyan police custody has […]

The mother of Alexander Monson, the son of a British aristocrat who died in police custody last year, on Sunday fought police resistance to place flowers at Diani Police Station in Mombasa to mark the first anniversary of her son’s death. Mrs Hillary Monson led family and friends carrying rose bouquets into the station in […]

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A British aristocrat whose son died in Kenyan police custody made a fresh appeal to the country’s president to help bring his killers to justice. On the eve of the first anniversary of Alexander’s death, his father Nicholas called for reforms, including a witness protection programme, to ensure those responsible will be made to face […]

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