Reception of Refugees – Learn Hospitality From Africa, Boldrini Tells Italy

Laura Boldrini, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies has urged Italy to learn hospitality from African countries.

Laura Boldrini, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies

With only 78,000 refugees in Italy, some people are already talking of an invasion and emergency yet African countries host about 14 million refugees, Ms Boldrini told a seminar at the Chamber of Deputies on Mandela Day.

She said Chad, which is a poor country with a population of 12 million people, currently hosts more than half a million refugees.

Italy must learn hospitality, generosity and responsibility from Africa, Ms Boldrini said.

She urged the country to look to Africa because 22% of migrant residents in Italy are from Africa, adding that Italian schools also have many children of Italo-African descent.

Ms Boldrini encouraged Italian companies to invest in Africa observing that only 7% of Italian investments are in Africa and only 5% of Italian exports are destined to African countries.

– Africa News