Racists Target Black Italian Model Competing for Miss Italy World

Chrisolythe B. Songo, a black Italian model competing for Miss Italy World title has become the latest target of racism from those who believe she shouldn’t take part in the competition.

Some racists hold that Chrisolythe B. Songo doesn’t represent Italian beauty

Chrisolythe has made it to the finals of Miss Italy World to be held over the weekend in Gallipoli.

Should she win, she’ll represent Italy at the Miss World pageant on 14th December 2014 in London, England.

The 19 year old model was born in Italy, is an Italian citizen and is currently Miss Mondo Piemonte.

Her picture on the Miss Italy World’s official Facebook page has attracted several racist comments from people who claim they are not racists.

One of those against Chrisolythe’s qualification for the finals of Miss Italy World holds that since she is black, she doesn’t represent the Italian beauty.

Another commenter admits that Chrisolythe is beautiful and qualified to compete in a beauty pageant, but not in Miss Italy World. Chrisolythe should go and compete elsewhere, adds the commenter.

Ms. Chrisolythe B. Songo

Another commenter writes: “The girl is very beautiful, but she isn’t an Italian beauty.”

While admitting that Chrisolythe is one of the most beautiful contestants, another commenter says “it’s impossible to deny that she does not represent our country.” She justifies herself saying that Italy is not like France where black people have been living for several generations and where there is no difference between “White French” and “Black French”.

“It is true that she isn’t an Italian beauty. She is a beauty yes, but certainly not Italian beauty,” writes another commenter.

One of Chrisolythe’s defenders says those against her are the same people who talk bad of Italian superstar Mario Balotelli only to celebrate when he scores for Italy’s national team.

Chrisolythe has also been defended by the organiser of Miss Mondo Piemonte who says the rules for selecting contestants clearly state that no one can be judged on the basis of their race, skin colour, religion, country of origin, political opinion, or any other personal and social conditions. “If Chrisolythe is qualified, it is right for her to win and go ahead to represent Italy at Miss World beauty contest in London,” says the organiser of Miss Mondo Piemonte.

In a multicultural Italy, is it true that only white Italians represent the Italian beauty? Leave comments and share!

By Stephen Ogongo Ongong’a