Pro-drachma Party Launches – Urges Greece to Leave the Euro

A political party in Greece is calling for the country to leave the euro and go back to using the drachma as its national currency.

Plan B held its first general meeting in Athens on Saturday and is headed up by the former leader of the left-wing opposition Syriza party.

So far, Plan B is a small party with only around 400 members.

Describing the party’s stance on leaving the euro, Plan B founder Alekos Alavanos said: “The experience that we have from all the international recession crises is that no country has managed to come out of recession with an ‘expensive’ currency that’s also used by a great economic power, such as Germany. We need a currency that is competitive to ease exports and boost the internal market.”

“I believe that leaving the euro will give our country the possibility of developing an independent economic policy in favour of the people. The euro is a tight corset that prevents Greece from developing,” said ceramic artist Yannis Stavridis.

Plan B is the second party to launch within a fortnight advocating a return to the drachma.

Modelled on an Italian anti-austerity party, Drachma Five Star Movement was founded by Theodoros Katsanevas, the son-in-law of late Prime Minister and socialist PASOK founder Andreas Papandreou.