Operation Mos Maiorum – Blog Tells Irregular Immigrants How To Avoid Arrest

“Mos Maiorum”, the EU-wide police operation to hunt irregular immigrants has terribly scared many immigrants in Europe without documents.

Operation “Mos Maiorum”, the EU-wide police operation to hunt irregular immigrants begun on 13th October

Lack of clear information about the scope of this operation has made even many asylum seekers and failed asylum seekers in Rome go underground.

The operation which runs from 13th to 26th October 2014, was approved by the Council of the European Union on 10th July 2014 and is being implemented in the framework of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Hurriya – Senza Frontiere, Senza Galere Blog has come up with a sort of guide for irregular immigrants on how to avoid being detected and arrested.

The blog says that irregular immigrants who would like to avoid arrest should if possible not use public transport.

Those who can’t avoid using public transport are advised to make sure they have valid tickets.

As a way of helping others avoid arrest, the blog suggests that you alert friends if you notice police officers checking documents.

Please alert friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc., or send them an SMS, the blog says, adding that such information should include the city and the name of the street where police officers checking documents.

In the past human rights organisations have advised irregular immigrants to avoid places mainly frequented by immigrants. They’ve been advised to avoid places such as airports, highways, railway stations, subway stations, ethnic shops, ethnic pubs, etc.

– Africa News