Norway Police’s Chilled Way With Drunk Wows

Footage of the humorous, laid-back way two Norwegian policeman cope with a combative drunk has amazed American viewers after it was posted on the video-sharing website LiveLeak.

Norway police's chilled way with drunk wows US

Norway police deal with a combative drunk. Photo: Screen Grab/Live Leak/Nattpatruljen

The footage from Nattpatruljen, a Norwegian police reality show, shows two policeman in Tromsø, northern Norway, good-naturedly picking up a drunk and taking him off to a drunk tank in the local jail.

“I am not intoxicated for fuck’s sake,” the man shouts. “The fucking police are hunting me down. I get so fucking angry.” 

To which the police laugh gently, and then apologize for ridiculing him.  “You are a little funny right now,” one explains.

“Can I bring my dick with me?” the man then roars.

“Yes if it hangs on,” answers the policeman with a chuckle.

“The American version would have ended with 16 gunshots at the 0:03 time mark,”  wrote one of he 70 commentators on the video.

“With a taze at the 0:01 mark,” wrote another.

The video had been viewed 144,700 times by Friday morning.

– The Local