Naija Lesbian Exile Sends Sex Video to Avoid UK Deportation

Nigerian asylum seeker Aderonke Apata has made the bold move of sending a video of herself having sex to the Home Office to prove she is homosexual, in a desperate attempt to avoid being deported.

Aderonke Apata. Photo: Frederique Rapier/FR Photography

47 year-old Apata has been the subject of an ongoing fight against being deported since April this year. She fled to the UK after being arrested, tortured and sentenced to death in her home country for being homosexual.

UK Home Secretary Theresa May rejected her application for asylum, even as the petition for Apata gains momentum.

In a desperate attempt to secure her asylum status, Apata sent the Home Office an explicit video, proving that she is indeed lesbian. This came after the gay rights activist tried everything in her powers including letters from girlfriends both in the UK and in Nigeria.

“I was asked to bring my supporting documents for my judicial review for the court to look at. What evidence do we have to compile apart from letters from people? I knew we had a home video of ourselves, so I thought why not just put it in? I cannot afford to go back to my county where I will be tortured, so if I have to prove it with a sexual video, then I have to do it. ”

However she still feels frustrated at having to expose such an intimate record of her private life.

Ms Apata shares the experience with many African LGBT asylum-seekers in Britain who have to prove their sexuality to sceptical immigration officers.

– Nigeria Watch