Meet Wazito – The Kenyan Rugby Team Resident in Finland [VIDEO]

Wazito is a Swahili term meaning heavyweights. It is also used in street slang to refer to someone who is “tough and hardcore”.

Wazito Rugby Club

Wazito Rugby Club

Wazito Rugby Club (EST. 2013) is a men’s rugby club currently training to debut on the Finnish Rugby Scene in 2014.

The idea to form Wazito emanated from a few like-minded Kenyans who came together, initially, for the love of rugby sometime in summer 2013. Soon, word spread and what began as a simple hobby for many, grew into something much bigger.

Wazito’s main aim is to become a movement that brings together peoples from all walks of life under the same banner which is the love for rugby.

Wazito is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. 24-7-365 we work hard to play easy! Fimbo chapaaa!!!”

Kevin Ngure Kamau

Additionally, off the field and training, Wazito thrives to create a family with social responsibility among the many immigrant communities in Finland. We are our brother’s keepers and we aim to work together and support each other in good and bad times. This especially at a time when many Kenyans abroad, especially in Europe are succumbing to depression which has in some cases resulted to suicide(s) and or finding themselves on the wrong side of the law [ED].

Wazito RC has 3-4 training sessions a week as follows:

• 2 ball work sessions on Monday and Wednesday (1730-1900)
• 1 cardio and gym session on Tuesdays / Thursdays (1800-2000)
• 1 gym session on Friday (1800-2100); team building (2100>)

Wazito family currently comprises of about 15 regularly training players and have open arms to ANYONE wishing to join the Wazito family as a player or supporter.

Below is a video from a training session at Wazito Rugby Club, Finland.

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