Meet Faiza, Kenyan Behind Multi-Million Euro Production

Faiza and Matthias Hoffmann

Faiza and Matthias Hoffmann

Faiza is your real grass to grace kind of story. Born and bred in utter poverty in a tiny village in Makhonge in Western Kenya. After attending Chesamisi Primary school where she passed her exams with flying colours she joined the Alliance Girls High School. She moved to Canada in 1984 and where she lived until 2002 before getting married to Matthias Hoffmann in 2008.

If you reside in Europe, chances are you might have seen or heard about the Afrika Afrika musical, however, what you might not know is that the Big Boss behind this Europe-wide known production is a Kenyan.

Faiza Hoffmann the Kenyan born Canadian is the CEO of  Afrika! Zirkus- und Veranstaltungs GmbH. She’s a trained Event planer and has worked in the field for years. Her husband, Matthias Hoffmann is a former Event planner from Heidelberg who now only advices and manages the finances of Afrika! Zirkus- und Veranstaltungs GmbH.

She simultaneously runs a foundation, The Faiza Hoffmann Stiftung, that helps educate children in Makhonge, Kenya as her way to give back to the tiny village she came from. The foundation has built a school for the kids, you can read about the foundation and help out at Faiza Hoffmann Stiftung.

The Musical Afrika Afrika will be touring all over Germany and Austria from October and has over 240 shows planned.

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