Meet Europe’s Youngest Foreign Minister

Sebastian Kurz, 27, has been sworn in as Austria’s foreign minister.

Meet Sebastian Kurz, Europe’s youngest foreign minister.

Sebastian kurz austria foreign minister

At 27, Sebastian Kurz is officially the youngest foreign minister in Europe. (DIETER NAGL/AFP/Getty Images)

Aged just 27, the fresh-faced politician on Monday officially became Austria’s point man for diplomatic relations.

Kurz was one of 12 ministers to take office when the new coalition government was sworn-in. The Social Democrats and conservative People’s Party won the national election in September.

Considered a rising star in the People’s Party, Kurz previously served as the state secretary for integration. His young age made people question his suitability for such a role, but he went on to earn praise for his work in schools and with Muslim immigrants.

With this appointment, Kurz is now the youngest foreign minister in the EuropeanUnion and the youngest minister in post-war Austria.

– Global Post