Marsabit Eyes Investors In Europe and China Tour

Marsabit governor Ukur Yatani is set to lead a delegation to China and Europe in search of investors to venture into wind and solar power production in the county.

Marsabit Governor Amb. Ukur Yatani

The county team, which will also include energy and mining officials, will also target investors interested in mineral exploration in Kenya’s largest county that measures 78,000 square kilometres or 15 per cent of Kenya’s land mass.

Mr Yatani told journalists in Marsabit town that US investors had expressed interest in investing in Lake Turkana wind power project. Seventy per cent of Lake Turkana water is in Marsabit and stretches 400km.

“The multi-billion project is also in President Barack Obama’s programme to help third world countries access energy,” he said.

“If completed, the project will add 330 megawatts of electricity to the national grid. We have also identified other areas in Marsabit that have the strongest wind power in the world.”

Rich culture

The governor added that Chinese and Dutch investors were also keen on the wind power project.

Mr Yatani said a survey conducted by the colonial government in 1930s indicated that Marsabit was rich in minerals like iron, tin, limestone and gold, among others.

“With proper exploration I am sure we will get all sorts of minerals,” he said, adding that they would also woo investors in tourism sector to cash in on the rich culture of 14 different communities in Marsabit.

“Through the annual Loyalngayani and Kalawa cultural festivals we want to attract local and international tourists. We also want to diversify into sports tourism,” Mr Yatani said.

Marsabit has crater lakes on its mountain and is also home to the Chalbi – the only desert with sand dunes in East Africa.

– Business Daily