Luxurious Spanish Bridal Brand Comes to Kenya

Started eight years ago, the clothing shop Kaché by Angie has been offering city dwellers the latest fashion from Europe particularly from Barcelona, Spain, where the shop’s owner, Angie Meseguer Ferreres is from.

Angie Meseguer Ferreres. Photo/Mwikali Lati

“I have always liked to dress up and when I came to Kenya, people kept asking me where I was getting my clothes from. I used to work as a marketing manager in a fashion company, so I decided to start bringing clothes to sell,” she says.
She opened a shop in Karen then moved to the malls starting with Junction, Westgate and lastly Yaya Centre. It is on the first floor of the Yaya shop that she introduced the 50-year-old Spanish Bridal brand, Pronovias.
“People come to my shop for an evening or cocktail dress, why not have wedding dresses as well? I have a small collection, but there is an album that has the entire collection. You order any Pronovias dress from us and we bring it to you,” says the shop owner.
One of dresses is on the display window and the shop interior has been redesigned to create a little corner for the dresses, with glass displays for the accessories as well a book stand for the big, heavy 2014 collection book.
Flipping through the book reveals extremely feminine designs in fine fabrics enriched with gemstone embroidery, Chantilly and rebrodé lace.
This collection features wide skirts sometimes with an independent handkerchief to create a waterfall effect and mermaid dresses that emphasise the waist with delicate, jewelled belts and grospain bows.
Hers is a personalised service where the bride-to-be is measured and the measurements sent to Barcelona for the dress to be made. It is a five-month wait to get the Sh190,000 to Sh200,000 dress.
Apart from increasing her offering in the shop and giving her customers what they want, Pronovias contacted her two years ago with the intention of having a presence in Kenya – obviously to be part of the billion-shilling Kenyan wedding industry.
“They did not want to open a shop, instead they wanted somebody who knows the Kenyan market and understands the culture as well as the Spanish one. And being from Barcelona, I knew that culture. We started with a few dresses to see the reaction of the people and then later on I could expand the collection,” she explains.
Pronovias fits well within the shop as Kaché by Angie is known for bringing the latest fashion. She knows that her clients do not like to see someone else wearing a similar dress. To make it exclusive, she brings only three dresses of the same design in different sizes.
“I bring Spanish fashion which is very different from Paris, London or Milan. The style and cut is very feminine with details and colour,” she says.
– Business Daily