London firm, Eaton signs network deal with Telkom

Telkom Kenya chief executive Mickael Ghossein speaking at a past function. Mr Ghossein says his firm’s deal with Eaton Towers is “a step in the right direction.” NATION MEDIA GROUP

Telkom Kenya has signed a deal with a London-based company for the management of its passive network infrastructure.

In a statement, the mobile operator said it had enlisted the services of Eaton Towers as part of its effort to reduce operating costs and capital expenditure.

Passive infrastructure refers to network parts which are not involved in signal processing, such as steel structures and generators in a base station.

“We are confident that our agreement with Eaton Towers is a step in the right direction,” Telkom Kenya chief executive Mickael Ghossein said. The 15-year tower management and leasing deal is focused on both maintenance of existing sites by Eaton Towers and building of new sites.

“Through this deal, we will be able to reduce our operational costs and, at the same time, minimise the environmental impact of our network by reducing the use of diesel fuel,” Mr Ghossein said.

Telkom Kenya will retain ownership of its existing portfolio of over 1,000 towers while Eaton Towers will invest in passive infrastructure upgrades and build new towers to provide the mobile operator improved coverage and network quality.

– Daily Nation