Kenya’s Deputy President Leases Same Aircraft as Jay-Z and Beyonce

In recent weeks, Kenyans have been questioning the hiring of a Bombardier 850 Challenger by Deputy President, William Ruto, which, according to idle chatter in the streets of Nairobi is a rather luxury aircraft complete with hot showers, a bedroom and kitchen. Each day since news of the purchase first broke out in mainstream media, the Bombardier 850 Challenger has received mixed responses from Kenyans.

The Bombardier 850 Challenger [photo/]

The Bombardier 850 Challenger [photo/]

Jet experts from throughout the country competed on who had more knowledge regarding features of the plane.

“The plane has a swimming pool and a golf course,” said one writer. Another added that the plane has a spa while yet another confirmed it was fitted with ‘bomb proof’ lining that can withstand all enemy fire; how else would they call it a Bombardier? But the title of the ‘most creative feature’ went to one pundit who remarked that the plane probably had a balcony!

Inside the Challenger

Inside the Challenger [photo/]

The question is: What are the true features of this Canadian-made Bombardier VistaJet plane? What are its owners saying about this new kid on the Kenyan block? Described advertorially as “luxury with state of the art equipment, the Challenger 850 jet has revolutionised private flying”.

The Challenger [photo/]

The Challenger [photo/]

The company claims it was designed to “challenge convention and establish a new class of business aircraft”.  It has, among other exotic amenities, seats with a massage system, LCD monitors, LAN internet access, SAT-phones, fax printers and an airshow. It is a transcontinental plane which cruises up to a speed of 850km/hr with a maximum range of 4,784km.

The plane has a master bedroom with a Queen-sized bed for VIPs, a kitchen fitted with convection oven, coffee maker and a chiller. However, the plane seemingly has no balcony!

To top it all off, last year, to celebrate father’s day, American sensation Beyonce even gifted her husband and rapper Jay-Z one.

Rapper Jay-Z alights from his Bombadier 850 Challenger

Rapper Jay-Z disembarks from his Bombardier 850 Challenger. [photo/]