WATCH: Kenyans In UK All Set For Tribal Instinct Show

The Tribal Instinct Charity Fashion Show at Leeds University in the UK is to begin this weekend. The show that attracts various designers from East Africa aims to position the continent’s fashion in Europe.

The Tribal Instinct Charity Fashion Show set for Leeds University, UK

It began in 2010 with Ketwangi Children’s Home in Kenya as the first beneficiary of funds from the show.


Tribal Instinct Charity Fashion Show targets selected charity organisations pushing them to become self-dependent.

In March 2012, the university’s second show targeted residents of Gulu in Northern Uganda who were severely affected by a 23-year long civil war.

A third fashion show last year saw funds raised for Tumaini Children’s home in Kenya.

This year’s show on March 29 will also feature spoken word, hip-hop dance and jazz performances.

– Daily Nation