Jesca Kiplagat Wins The Face of Kenya UK 2014 Title

Jesca Kiplagat, the Face of Kenya UK 2014

Jesca Kiplagat beat several Kenyan beauty queens in the UK to become the Face of Kenya UK 2014.

The Face of Kenya UK 2014 was held on 21st June 2014 at Coliseum Suite, 300-310 High Rd, Ilford IG1 1QW.

Before the grand finale, all the contestants had been very active in promoting Kenya and fundraising for their charities of choice.

On the big day, they all came with an envelope of the funds they had raised. The whole amount each contestant raised will go to their charity of choice.

Jesca won because of her unique story. She was educated by charity; Educated in University using HELB loans and is now in the UK on a sponsorship program.

She said she had received so much so it was time for her to give back. Jesca raised £560 for her charity of choice Kapchaselewes Children’s Home in Marakwet District, Kenya.

Other contestants had a beautiful English accent but Jesca proudly pulled a Kalenjin English accent and portrayed the pride of Kenya.

During the talents, most contestants chose to sing and dance but Jesca chose to have a motivational speech as her talent. That was a unique move that won the people’s hearts.

Jesca said it was wonderful experience to take part in the Face of Kenya UK 2014 beauty pageant. “It has given me a platform to give back to my community. I have attended photo shoots, fundraisers, networking dinners among other initiatives that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I am honoured and humbled by this wonderful experience.”