Italian Investor to Sell Packed Sand and Ballast in Kenya

Duma Ballast in 50kg packs ready for market

Duma Ballast in 50kg packs ready for market

An Italian investor is set to start production of packaged mixture of sand and ballast, cutting a new niche’ for suppliers of construction materials.

Duma Group chief executive Naja Dahmani told the Business Daily the company’s crushing plant in Kilifi County would produce 50-kg bags of sand and ballast.

The firm has a 100-acre quarry in the Jaribuni area of Kilifi County.

“We have already employed more than 40 workers at the factory and operations have already started. The number could go up given the performance of our product in the market,’’ said Ms Dahmani.

Developers currently buy sand and ballast separately and mix them on-site, and the new product could offer a ready alternative especially for those involved in small scale building projects or repairs.

Duma is, however, targeting a cross-section of real estate developers as well as road contractors. The packaged mixture will be available in hardware and supermarkets.

The company is also targeting future exports “if the products get acceptance in the market”.

Miss Dahmani said the company would use a “fair” pricing strategy to win customers.

“As a new company, we will strive to create a market niche in the country,” said Ms Dahmani.

Duma Group said that it had identified more than 30 agents to distribute and sell their products as it plans to open its own branches.

The company said it would produce 4,200 bags a day and soon launch a packed separate bags of Duma ballast and sand in the market.

– Business Daily