Immigrants Sleeping Rough With Babies In Near-Freezing Conditions

THESE shocking pictures show a group of immigrants sleeping with babies outside in near-freezing temperatures.

The group were spotted sleeping outside in freezing conditions [W8 MEDIA]

A passerby snapped the scene last night outside luxury car dealer Bob Forstner, off exclusive Park Lane in west London.

And local shop owners say that spot, which is just yards from the Marriott Hotel, has been overrun with a new wave of immigrants who are ruining their businesses.

They also accused police of not doing enough to tackle the situation, with one businessman who said his livelihood was being destroyed complaining that the new arrivals regarded the British police as “weak”.

They are taking advantage of England because they say that the English police are weak”.

– Park Lane salon owner Hakan Altay

Park Lane leads up to Marble Arch, which has become an unofficial meeting point for Romanians arriving in the UK.

Earlier this month, a group of immigrants at Marble Arch were rounded up by officials from the UK Border Agency on suspicion of living in the UK illegally.

However, business owners speaking today said that the problem continues to get worse, with new Eastern European immigrants arriving to replace those who have been moved on.

They described having to clean human waste from their doorsteps every morning, and having to help customers step over the sleeping bodies to enter their shops.

They also described how the group stay up drinking, gambling and fighting during the night.

The passerby who snapped the photos said that he believed at least two babies were sleeping rough with the group.

He said: “I was walking along Park Lane in the early hours of the morning, and I saw these guys sleeping under the canopy of one of the luxury garages.

“Sadly, they had babies sleeping with them under the sheets.

“There were two prams there, and I could hear at least one baby crying. There were about 12 adults sleeping there. I think they probably chose the garage because it’s got a canopy to keep the rain off them.

“It was really cold that evening. It’s really sad. I’ve got a child of my own so it affected me.

“An adult chooses to sleep rough or leave their country, but a baby hasn’t got a choice.

“When you’ve got a small child sleeping on a cardboard box on the street, it’s not good. It’s not a good way to bring up a child.”

He added: “I saw a local policeman and asked him ‘Why don’t you move them along?’, and he said ‘What’s the point? You move them along and they just come back.'”

New cars at the Bob Forstner dealership cost in the region of £100,000 to £500,000, creating a sharp contrast with the scenes of poverty outside the garage.

Another witness said: “You just feel awful for the babies, but you have to wonder why they’ve been brought over.

“I just hope they’re not being used to make more money from begging.”

A spokesman for the dealership, which specialises in the “sale and international export of exclusive luxury vehicles around the world”, said he did not want to discuss the situation.

Cars at the dealership sell for hundreds of thousands of pounds [W8 MEDIA]

But Park Lane salon owner Hakan Altay said that he had lost up to 20 per cent of his business as a result of the immigrants.

He also said that in the past few weeks he had seen a new wave of immigrants arriving, including a nine year-old girl who is living with the homeless group.

He said: “They are getting worse. I’ve been here 12 years and I’ve never seen it this bad. The government has to do something about them. When I come here in the morning there is human filth smeared all over our walls, three foot high above the ground.

“It is new people that we are seeing here now. They are taking advantage of England because they say that the English police are weak. We call the police to come and help, but they don’t do anything.

“I understand about people’s human rights, but they are destroying my business and costing me money. What about my rights?

“I think I have lost 15 to 20 per cent of my clients, some who have been coming to me for decades, because they see how dirty it is and they don’t want to come here any more.”

He added: “They are always fighting each other and shouting at each other. There is a girl who is nine or ten who is out there with them and it breaks my heart.

“A child is a child, they shouldn’t be living like this. I’m a father and it makes me so upset to see them using their children in this way, using them to beg and make money.

“This is Park Lane, this is one of the nicest streets in the country. It’s not about money – I’m not rich, but this is what people think of when they think of London, this is what they come here to see, and now it is being ruined.

“It is the same status as the Champs-Elysées in France, but in France they don’t let this happen around their landmarks because the police are tough on them and they move them away.

“People come to my salon and they see the jungle outside, and they don’t want to come here. The police and the government aren’t helping us.

“My staff are fed up with washing the pavements every morning. They have been working in the business for 25 years and they shouldn’t have to be acting as cleaners.”

Another local shop worker described how the immigrants had affected their business.

She said: “The police are just moving them from place to place. They used to sleep on the flagstones over the road, but the council tore them up so now they sleep outside the shop.

“But they’re up all night gambling and drinking vodka. When they get drunk, they start fighting.

“When our customers get here in the morning they have to step over the bodies to get in the front door.”

Deep Khan, who works in a souvenir shop in Marble Arch, said: “The police may say they have moved them on, but they are still here and they are still begging.

“They hang around outside Selfridges because they are trying to beg money off wealthy people.

“I see one woman who wears a ‘Baby on Board’ sign all the time to get money, but I don’t think that she is pregnant at all.

“They are not allowed in our shop any more because they harass our customers, but they all come back in the evening after the shopkeepers have gone home.”

A representative for Westminster City Council declined to comment on the situation.

– The Express