Humour As UK Immigration #GoHome Campaign Gets a Life of Its Own

The last campaign from the Home Office against Illegal Immigration in the UK included vans driving around ethnic areas of London with billboards asking illegal immigrants to text “Go Home”.

Racists van going around London hoods

The original campaign truck before it took on a life of its own

This campaign has drawn condemnation from many, whichever the political spectrum. Even the far right, anti-immigration Nigel Farage stated it as dangerous as it could not just be taken “by illegal immigrants but also by many people of settled ethnic minorities as being some sort of sign of open warfare.”

Though it has now been banned by the ASA for misleading numbers – not for offensive language! – Sharehoods team could not resist sharing the hilarious pranks and trolls made of it after it became known on the web. Here are our favourites.

#Gohome racists van troll

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