Here’s What World Cup Teams Would Look Like If Immigrants Weren’t Allowed To Play

It’s not just morons throwing bananas on the field. Far-right political parties are gaining ground in France and the Netherlands.

italy mario balotelli

AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli, born in Palermo, has parents who immigrated from Ghana.

Most of Germany’s soccer hooligans are now neo-Nazis. And this spring, Switzerland voted to curb immigration, defying the spirit of laws that allow citizens freedom of movement across the European Union.

But amid all the bad blood, has anyone thought about how sending immigrants packing would affect the teams playing the world’s greatest game?

Broadly defining “foreigner” as anyone with at least one foreign-born parent, Switzerland would lose two-thirds of its players.

France and the Netherlands might be knocked out of contention. And Algeria, Ghana, Turkey or even Suriname could win it all.

Here’s how the world’s best would stack up in a World Cup with no first-generation immigrants.

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