France Has Too Many Immigrants, Says Francois Fillon

Former Prime minister Francois Fillon: France has too many immigrants, says Francois Fillon

Asked on the France 2 television channel whether there are already too many immigrants in France, Fillon replied “yes”.

“France today is unable to accept, in decent conditions, everyone who wants to come and live here,” he added.

“Therefore we must reduce the policy of immigration, ” the right-wing UMP party figure declared.

Fillon said he was proposing “like in Canada” an annual parliamentary vote on the number of immigrants to be allowed in, the professions that would be given favourable consideration and “the regions of the world for which we want to fix quotas”.

The current 200,000 arrivals per year “is too much in a country suffering unemployment and an economic crisis, which must reduce its public expenditure and which has problems of national cohesion,” the former prime minister said.

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