Fake Colonel Arrested in Southern Italy

Fake colonel arrested in southern Italy

Members of the Financial Guard. Photo: Carlos Merigo/Flickr

Police in southern Italy arrested a man on Sunday who claimed to be a member of the secret services, local media reported.

Gerardo Carnevale, 48, was arrested in the province of Cosenza, Calabria, and was accused of impersonating a colonel of the Yellow Flames branch of the Financial Guard.

Gazetta del Sud reported that police became suspicious of Carnevale, in full uniform, and found him to be lacking an identity card for the Financial Guard. He did, however, allegedly show police a fake document for the Department of Internal Security at the Office of the Prime Minister and claim he was a member of the secret services.

A search of Carnevale’s house revealed an imitation gun, Gazetta del Sud said.

The newspaper also reported that the fake colonel had for months been using his apparent status to promise his favour and gain benefits.

– The Local