Extra Dutch Border Checks Net Over 100 ‘Migration Criminals’

Extra border controls in the run up to and during the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague in March led to over 100 people being held, junior justice minister Fred Teeven has told parliament.

Dutch flag

Dutch flag

These included people connected to ‘migration crime’ such as people smugglers, human traffickers and people with false papers, broadcaster Nos quoted Teeven as saying.

Over 1,250 officials were involved in the extra checks at airports, on the borders with Germany and Belgium and on the waterways.

Teeven also said people trying to come the Netherlands did not have proper papers. Some 30 of them requested asylum.

Smooth summit

Teeven said the extra checks had a preventative effect and contributed to the smooth running of the summit, without going into further details.

The checks also revealed new information about how migrants come to the Netherlands via other EU countries, he said.

– Dutch News