EU Launches Film, Photo Exhibition

The European Union has been a major development partner in Kenya working on major projects.

Launch of the Europe Week 2014 at the Nairobi National Museum

A section of the display during the Launch of the Europe Week 2014 at the Nairobi National Museum exhibitions PICTURE BY NICHOLAS NTHENGE/ KNA

As part of showcasing their work in the country they will host a film festival in Nairobi. The festival will correspond with the EU Week celebrations that kicked off this week.

The celebrations combined a series of activities including trade and investment forum and a public expo and photo exhibition.

On Monday, the EU launched the festival with photo exhibition at the National Museum of Kenya showcasing the country’s culture as well as some of the major projects that are on-going in the country.

“It was important to show Kenyans the different sectors we are active in because we feel we are not very visible in many of these development aid programmes. China is very visible whereas we would like that visibility,” said the Trade and Communication Counsellor from the European Union Delegation, Christophe De Vroey.

The photo exhibition will conclude today.

EU projects are joint efforts from 15 active EU member states in Kenya. However, each of the embassies has its bilateral development aid programmes.

EU development fund for Kenya is stand at Sh42 billion (€350million) in the next four years.

“But if you take into consideration the member state participation, European development bank and the humanitarian aid then 900 million euros was spent in 2013 on development aid programmes in Kenya,” said Mr De Vroey. EU has over 350 projects in Kenya.

The film festival will take place from May 13 to June 1.

Fifty movies from all EU member states will be shown as well as a Kenyan movie funded by the EU and one from Congo. The public will be charged Sh50 per film.

– Business Daily