Emirates’ Boeing 777 Aborts Landing Due to Crosswind [Advisory: Scary VIDEO]

Attempted landing fails

The crew of an Emirates Boeing 777 had to divert to London’s Gatwick airport after they tried twice to land in a heavy crosswind at the flight’s destination, Birmingham.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association calls the crosswind landing “one of the trickiest skills to learn in flying.”

A video of the 777-300ER’s first attempted landing, posted to YouTube, shows how severely the plane was turned.

You can see how off it is from the center of the runway — the correct procedure is to touch one set of tires down before the other, in a “slightly skewed alignment,” airline pilot Patrick Smith writes in his book “Cockpit Confidential.”


The flight path of Emirates Flight 039, from FlightAware.com, shows the two aborted landings and the diversion to London:

Flight path

– Business Insider