Dutch Airliner Cancels Flights to Mombasa

A Dutch airliner has suspended its charter flights to Mombasa’s Moi International Airport over insecurity fears.



In its latest edition, eTurbo News, which covers tourism and aviation news, indicates that the airline owned by TUI Holland/Arkefly has suspended indefinitely flights on the route over concerns regarding the security of tourists visiting Kenya.

“It is like going forward two steps and then sliding back three,” a source who did not wish be identified said.

Arkelfy flies to Mombasa on Tuesdays, bringing in tourists to the Kenyan coast.

The Coast branch Chief Executive Officer of Kenya Association of Hotelkeepers and Caterers (KAHC) Sam Ikwaye read malice in the action by TUI Holland/Arkefly.

“It is unfortunate but we still are thankful to our true partners and friends who have stood by us like Condor Germany, Meridiana, Eurofly, Rwandair, Ethiopian and Turkish Airlines,” Ikwaye said.

He said Kenya Airways, the national carrier, had not stopped flying into destinations in parts of West Africa that have suffered from outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus.

“We have shown solidarity as a country and stood by our Western African brothers and sisters as our national carrier continues to provide the all necessary air link to that part of the world,” said Ikwaye.

He said the Government had addressed some of the critical concerns raised by international partners on security and it was only fair that they reciprocate by allowing flights into Mombasa.

Two weeks ago, Italian charter plane resumed flights to Mombasa, leading to an influx of guests to hotels dotted around Watamu and Malindi, which are havens for Italian tourists.

“There was optimism of a quick turnaround in the fledgling fortunes of the tourism industry and everyone was hopeful that this could be the signal for others to take a fresh look at Destination Kenya,” Ikwaye said.

– Standard media