Caroline Wanjiku, A Female Ex-Diasporan Shoe Shiner With a Master’s Degree From Italy – [VIDEO]

This is the story of Caroline Wanjiku, a Kenyan lady who has ventured into the shoe-shining business in Nairobi.

Ms. Caroline Wanjiku

Ms Wanjiku is one of the few women shoe shiners in Kenya, a business that for so long had been dominated by men.

The 33 year old lady holds a Master’s Degree in Social Communications from the Pontifical Salesian University in Rome, Italy, and speaks fluent Italian.

Having moved around for a long time looking for a job without finding one, Ms Wanjiku decided to become a shoe shiner.

“I believe with self-determination and hard work, I can get somewhere,” she told NTV Kenya.

Shortly after graduating, Ms Wanjiku says she was employed as a lecturer in Media Studies at Tangaza University, Nairobi. The Media Council of Kenya also hired her as an observer of the 2007 general elections.

As she waits to find a job as documentary producer, Ms Wanjiku makes a living as a shoe shiner.

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