Branson Condemns Kenya Travel Advisories

British entrepreneur, Sir Richard Branson, has spoken out against foreign countries’ issuing of travel advisories against Kenya, saying that they unfairly paint the east African country in a bad light.

British billionaire Richard Branson. Photo: Stephen Chernin/Getty

British billionaire Richard Branson. Photo: Stephen Chernin/Getty

The eccentric billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sir Richard Branson, wrote in a blog post on the Virgin Group’s website that no country should ever post travel advisories warning its citizens against visiting another country as this creates boundaries between people, boundaries that should be broken.

Branson added that these advisories are hurting Kenya’s economy and linked them to reasons why his airline, Virgin Atlantic pulled out of Kenya in 2012.

He made an example of how his his airline continued to fly to the US after the September 11, 2001 attacks and when the UK was hit with Underground and bus bombings, as a gesture of solidarity. During these times, he said, “countries all over the world showed support and didn’t issue travel warnings against the UK.”

“The Foreign Office is giving a false impression that all of Kenya is too dangerous to visit”, he said, “While the government has a responsibility to highlight the facts, advising against all non-essential travel could destroy Kenya’s economy, which depends hugely on tourism.”

Branson is an investor in Kenya’s tourism sector, having launched a luxury tented camp in the Maasai Mara last year.