Angry Black Dutchman Vents About Crashed Malaysian Airline

A video has surfaced of a middle-aged “black Dutchman” who, like most global citizens, feels outraged by the recent events of the destruction of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in the Ukraine. In the video, the man voices out his anger at the events that led to the crash.

The angry Dutchman

The angry Dutchman, Guilly Koster

In this very personal and sincere video, Guilly Koster lashes out at all those who are responsible for the shooting of Malaysia Airlines MH17.

“That makes me incredibly angry,” he says, “I am angry because I am not a god…I am angry because God or whoever is in charge did not prevent this tragedy from happening”.

Koster, who was, born in Suriname – a former colony of the Netherlands, also laments the loss of human life including innocent children, medical professionals who were working on a cure for AIDS and his friend Tim.

“I also angry for the people who died in a cause they didn’t even know about”, he says. He also described those responsible as “pigs” who are “cowards” that lack the “balls” to show their faces when their commit such heinous acts.

Nuff said. Check it out for yourself!

– This Is Africa