48 Sculptures Immersed in Mediterranean Sea in Memory of Migrants Who Died at Sea

Forty eight sculptures by Danish artist Nikolaj Bendix Skyum Larsen were immersed in the Tyrrhenian Sea in Calabria on 8th June 2014 in memory of migrants who have drowned at sea.

Tyrrhenian Sea is part of the Mediterranean Sea off the western coast of Italy.

“More than 20,000 people died in the last 20 years while trying to reach Italian shores. 2,300 lost their lives in 2011, about 700 in 2013,” said José Angel Oropeza, Director of the IOM coordinating office for the Mediterranean. “Too many deaths, too many hopes drowned in the strip of sea which separates North Africa from Europe.”

The suspended shapes in the collection titled “End of dreams” are made of Concrete Canvas. They’ll remain immersed in the sea for four months.

Mr Larsen has in the past made a collection called “Ode to the Perished”, dedicated to thousands of migrants who cross the Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece.

– Africa News