15,000 Foreign Apprentices And Interns Can Now Come To Italy

The government of Italy has decided to allow 15,000 foreigners to come here for apprenticeship and internship programs.

Apprentices and interns get greenlight for Italy

The Decree opening Italy’s borders to foreign apprentices and interns was signed by Minister of Labour Giuliano Poletti on 25th June 2014, and published in the Official Gazette on 1st November 2014.

Some 7,500 places are reserved for those coming for apprenticeship programs organized by authorized institutions or firms. The program must be cleared with two years and at the end, the organizer must issue a certificate showing the acquired skills.

The remaining 7,500 places are reserved for internship programs for students who must complete an internship in order to complete their course studies in their home countries.

These programs must be carried out according to a plan approved by the competent authorities (they vary from one Region to the other). The internship programs can be organised by Employment Centres, universities, or authorised Not-for-Profit organizations.

A foreigner who wants to come to Italy using this channel must go to the Italian Embassy/Consulate in their home country and apply for a student visa by presenting all the documents about the apprenticeship or internship program to be done in Italy. Such a program must be approved by the regional authorities.

Whoever comes to Italy for an apprenticeship or internship program is entitled to a Permit of Stay for studies which can later on be converted into work permit only at the end of the program, if the holder finds an employer.

– Africa News