​Association of Black Owned Companies

For Black economy to thrive, Black money has to circulate in the Black community, create new jobs and businesses.

That’s the purpose of the newly started Association of Black Owned Companies (ABOC), by Angola-born Chimene Gaspar, Director of Chimene Graphics in Dortmund, Germany.

Indeed, Africans are becoming more and more aware of their economic power, and they are also many who want to support or invest in black-owned businesses in their community, as do Chinese, Indian and Arabic communities around the world.

Black communities support is very important, but the attempt can be difficult without a structured business directory and networking opportunities.

Many black-owned businesses all over the world are not listed online. That’s the reason why the ABOC initiative is started in order to identify, expose, and support the visibility of black-owned businesses around the world.

Currently, there are only few companies listed on the ABOC website, but the team is seeing more and more companies joining the initiative, and has recently started a campaign explaining the benefits of the initiative for consumers and Black business owners.

For Consumers, “Buying Black” means supporting and therefore investing in black-owned businesses, and helping ensure that those businesses will continue to grow economically and create jobs.

For Black Business Owners, Connecting with their community, by listing their business in the ABOC  directory, means allowing both consumers and other business owners to find them much easily and contact them  directly.

Earlier this week, I sat down with Chimene Gaspar, a co-founder of the Association to learn more about her and the initiative.

SiliconAfrica: Good Morning, Chimene! Who are you? Can you tell me more about yourself? 


Chimene Gaspar

 Chimene: My name is Chimene Goncalves Gaspar, I’m 33 years old and a digital media designer.

I was born in Luanda/Angola and grew up in Berlin, Germany. I studied architecture and later discovered my love for digital media design.

I often read your articles on Silicon Africa and would describe myself as one of your fans. You are doing a wonderful job empowering Africans all over the world.

I’m a so called Diasporan African (I was born in Luanda, Angola) and live in Germany since I was 8 years old.
I have a strong pan african mindset and only believe in WE as opposed to I. Black people need to work together and help each other.

Like many people I understand that the time for Africa is now, not tomorrow. We, as a group of people, need to wake up and invest in Africa.

I own a small digital media and advertising agency in Dortmund, Germany. My biggest dream is to offer advertising services for the African tourism industry and help to create positive advertising for African countries. If you are interested please feel free to check out my website Chimene Graphics.  I would like to open another agency in Luanda, Angola and one in another African country. My future is definitively in some African country.

I’m also the founder of ABOC (Association of black owned companies worldwide). I created this site to unite black owned companies and facilitate potential customers to find black owned businesses. In case you are interested please check out the website ABOC.

And last but not least I also founded APM (African Property Market). My goal is to help diasporan Africans to buy lands, properties, houses etc in Africa. Many are sceptical of Africa and I want to show them the positive aspect of investing in african real estate. The APM website  is under construction but please feel free to take a look at it.

I have lot of dreams but also questions about moving back to Africa. I would like to know if there is a need for digital media design in Africa?
I would like to create a customer base in Africa and I’m looking for partnerships. How could I achieve that?

SiliconAfrica: What gave you the idea to start the Association of Black Owned Companies?

 Chimene: I figured out many Africans don’t know much about black owned companies, therefore they are unable to support many of them which leads some of them to go out of business.

Through self education I discovered the real african history hidden from Diasporan Africans through media manipulations , this knowledge empowered me and I started to develop a strong pan african mindset.

I believe in group economics, where Africans everywhere support black owned companies, help them thrive and create jobs for other Africans, which leads to more black businesses being created.

I thought of an association that gathers all black owned companies known to the world and provides information about investments or on how to create a business.

If we want the respect from other groups of people , we need to manufacture and build instead of being reduced to consumers and make other people rich while we continue to suffer from economic racism everywhere.

The lack of respect towards Africans is due to the ongoing stereotypes of the “poor” and “suffering” African, who doesn’t own big companies and therefore is not known for creating jobs for people.

I named this project – the association of black owned companies worldwide – in short The ABOC worldwide. This project includes every black owned company known to us and helps promote them.

I follow the ideas of Marcus Garvey and  believe in unity, support for each other  and emancipation of Africans worldwide. There are already some sites that offer directory for black owned companies but it’s mostly local and doesn’t expand to the world.

I wanted a directory that displays companies in other parts of the world, and expose them to potential consumers all over the world, for now the African consumers are a big chance for many black owned companies in the world.

I believe that we, as Africans in Africa, can only gain fully independence if we practice group economics, own our media, own our lands, and take control over our own resources.

furthermore I want to encourage people to invest their money in Africa and open their eyes for the potentials that lies in the African continent.

In order to create this site I surrounded myself with like minded young Africans from Africa, America and Europe.

The site operates from Dortmund, Germany but it’s very global. This is clear when you see the motivated team of young Africans such as marketing expert, Nigerian born Kelechi Onwubiko in France, its chief editor, South African journalist Dineo Moerane, the authors Ortansia Capitao from Mönchengladbach, Germany,  Ronrique Rodgers and Anthony Sapp from America or our Togo born contributor Clement Edah from Ghana.

SiliconAfrica: What is your wildest dream about this project?

 Chimene: I want interested Africans all over the world to get as much information as possible from the site, get motivated and create companies in Africa, employ African people and help Africa rise up to its glory of ancient times.

I want to wake up as many Africans as I can…I want us to reconsider returning to the lands of our ancestors and practice Ubuntu- I am because We are…

Some might call me a dreamer but dreams are there to be made into reality and this is my main goal.

SiliconAfrica: How could people reading this article help your association and the initiative? 

 Chimene: We are looking for volunteers to help us reach, and register a maximum of Black owned companies in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, worldwide!

If you are a business owner, go on to add your company. If you are an African  in Africa or from the diaspora, THINK to spend more of your money with black owned companies.

We are also looking for bloggers to write articles about black businesses, investment opportunities and raising funds.

SiliconAfrica: How could our readers get in contact with you?  

 Chimene: Please, write to me at abocww@gmail.com or call me at +49 152 57 50 92 52

– Silicon Africa